Full-Service Bedrijfsfietsen

Second-life bike rental service

How we work

Choose a refurbished bike:

the most affordable, reliable and durable
option to get from A to B.


Relovelo believes mobility is important and should be affordable to everyone. For this reason we offer bikes within the price range of €99,- and €600,-.


Making a good buy in one go and being able to knock on the door if you are not completely satisfied? You’re safe with 1 month warranty on your refurbished bike from Relovelo.


Buying a refurbished bike from Relovelo prevents 1 bike being trashed and prevents 1 bike being produced. That’s 2 for 0! Let’s kill the beast before it goes to the dump.

What do we do


If a bicycle has been left in a public place, it is not allowed to leave the bicycle there for too long. This is why the government in the Netherlands has created certain rules.

Enforcement places a warning label on the bicycle stating that
the bicycle will be removed within a certain period of time if the bicycle is not taken by the owner. Once this deadline has passed, the bicycle will be taken and stored in the municipal bicycle depot. The municipality now owns the bicycle.

Without initiatives such as Relovelo, these bikes would be
destroyed. We go to the municipal bicycle depot and buy those removed bikes in bulk. When the bicycles arrive at Relovelo, they are checked for quality, fully refurbished with only the best parts and registrated.

Each bike is individually labeled according to the brand, wheel size, frame size, appearance, brake type and number of gears. So that customers can easliy select based on their prefferences.

After a pretty picture of the bike has been taken, it will be displayed in our online webshop. Our customers can easily view and compare 300+ refurbished bikes and buy online. We will deliver it for free to their home the next day.

No more broken / old bikes

on the street. Less bikesare being

wasted andfewer demand for

newly produced bikes.


Saving 500K bikes from being
wasted and get these bikes a happy
new owner before the end of 2024.

Both the bicycle and all
bicycle parts are: checked;
cleaned; repaired;
replaced; or reused.

Refurbished bike Second-hand bike

A refurbished bike is the better choice compared to a regular
second-hand bike, and this is why:
Second-hand bike Refurbished bike
Refurbished bike Saved from being wasted
Not checked upon quality Profesionally refurbished and checked
No warranty 1 month warranty
Pick-up at agreed location Delivered to your home
No registration Anti-theft registration
Cheap Also cheap


Inclusive workshop


Cheapassbikes is a social enterprise. We offer workplaces for young people at a distance from the labor market.

What does that mean?

Very simple: these young people are not or difficult to qualify for a regular job due to recognized work restrictions. Within our team they are trained as bicycle repairers. A fun job with structure, responsibility and results, but also a safety net to fall back on.

At Cheapassbikes I know exactly where I stand. I have the same people around me every day, set working hours and it is fun. I know exactly what is expected of me. This allows me to come in the morning and get started right away. This gives me peace of mind.